"Partnering With the World to Create a Positive Difference"

TRI-US Entertainment specializes in conceptualizing and producing filmed and media entertainment projects for international distribution and staging with selected production partners. This domain is managed by Trius Global Media and is governed by the Terms of Use.

Chairman and founder James With brings many years of investment planning and industry expertise together, resulting in projects that are both uniquely entertaining and produced under carefully controlled budgets.

As operations expand, Rajeev Kumar, formerly COO in India is focusing on capital raising for the Indian operations of Trius Global Media and TRI-US Entertainment in the Karnataka area, and the linguistic minorities in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Goa. Raja Rajeev Kumar is a serial entrepreneur and investment banker by profession and has been involved in diverse business sectors and has managed several investment funds successfully. Rajeev is passionate about technology, sustainability and inclusive development.

TRI-US Entertainment develops projects through production offices in India, Hong Kong and Thailand co-partnering with Shlepp Entertainment. Intellectual property rights and ownerships are managed by Trius Global Holdings. Global distribution is securely handled by Trius Global Media allowing production partners to collectively create efficient production values whilst ensuring culturally specific and internationally attractive productions. TRI-US Entertainment is currently focused on a slate of feature films and other media projects.

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